Stephen Buehler
The ReWrite Doctor


  • Featured speaker at 2007 L.A Screenwriter Expo. 
  • Taught 3 seminars on:
    • REWRITING – Giving Your Script A Major Do-Over
    • PUNCH-UP: Techniques for Making Your TV or Film Script Funnier and
    • THE FIRST TEN PAGES – How To Help Make Or Break Your Screenplay.
  • Story Editor for the Sheree Guitar Entertainment, Gravel Road Entertainment, The It Company.
  • Reader for TV & Feature Films contests:
    • Scriptapalooza
    • The Carl Sauter Awards
    • The Itty
  • Coverage & script analysis for Literary Agencies and Production Companies.
  • Punched-up TV pilot scripts, worked on dozens and dozens of spec scripts, some that helped writers win or place in contests or get agency or studio meetings and subsequently, jobs
  • Literary manager for THE IT COMPANY, worked on getting writers staffed on TV Shows
  • Background in comedy – did stand-up for over ten years, written over a dozen spec TV comedies, written mystery/comedy novels and comedy spec screenplays
  • Background in mystery/caper/heist/thriller stories – having written thriller screenplays, mystery novels... and always been a big reader and analyst in the field
  • Written one novel, SHOPPING CAN BE DEADLY and am working on its sequel, CRUISING CAN BE QUEASY
  • Written travel articles for the likes of WESTWAYS MAGAZINE. 
  • Over a dozen in-house videos produced that I’ve written, directed, (and okay, even acted in) for Advertising Agencies
  • Written copy for Advertising Agencies



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