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I've known and worked with Stephen for many years, and can recommend his services without hesitation.  His knowledge and ability to give constructive notes has been extremely helpful to me, time and again.  Do yourself a favor, make your script the best it can be.  Call Stephen now.
     Jim Gerkin - Writer:
Hidden Hills, Ellen, Daddio, Rodney, Sabrina, and others

Stephen understands story better than Aristotle.  He not only knows how to articulate story strengths and weaknesses but he knows how to roll up his sleeves and actually help solve problems.  Working with Stephen is poetic .  
       Sheree Guitar, President of SHEREE GUITAR ENTERTAINMENT, (former) President of The It Company, Writer & Producer on: Rosanne, The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, Harry and the Hendersons

I have worked with Stephen for over five years and it doesn't matter what you are writing - TV, features, novels - he knows how to find what needs to be fixed, but more importantly he knows how to get you to be able to fix it.  He is patient, encouraging, and knows how to get writers to not just improve their script, but also to become better writers.
       John Broker,  Gravel Road Entertainment

Stephen is a great guy, with great script knowledge, who has always given me great notes.  And now that he's charging for them, I expect those notes will be even better.
    Joe Nimziki  - Former studio executive (Sony, MGM, New Line), Writer/Director of THE HOWLING: A Re-imagining. 

  I've taken every screenwriting course available to man, studied at USC, UCLA and received an MFA from AFI for screenwriting, spent the past two years exclusively writing specs scripts and kept receiving the same note on my scripts - like the story, not crazy about the writing.  
     I even had meetings with agents who were on the fence about signing me as a client and again the end result was - it takes a lot of work to break in a new writer, sorry, we're going pass on taking you as a client, but send us your next spec script. 
     What to do? 
     Enter The ReWrite Doctor, Stephen Buehler.  He provided more than notes and a detailed analysis. He coached me into becoming an emotional, reader friendly writer. Stephen's greatest assets are that he can discern who you are as a writer and where you are in your development and tailor a plan to help you reach your next level. I discovered that although my scripts were technically and structurally sound, they were lacking emotion and therefore didn't engage the reader. 
     Stephen is good at being The ReWrite Dr because he's not trying to be anything else. He isn't a failed writer. He's a great script coach. He genuinely likes the company of writers, he knows our process and he wants us to succeed. He understands that our success is his success. 
     Minerva Finkley - Waste, Can We Just Be Friends?, Atwood Academy

Stephen is so much more than a "script doctor".  Oh sure, he'll give you a prognosis and the right prescription for your script's ills, but that's just the beginning.  What makes Stephen the BEST script doctor in LA is that he's more like a "personal trainer" with a PHD is scriptology!  He's right there with you, coaching, instructing, giving you more than just notes.  He inspires you, keeps you going and pushes you pass your limits helping you to truly excel.  Without Stephen I'd just be an ordinary writer...he's the script doctor who makes me better than I really am.       
    Mark Turner - creator of Big Phat Abe Lincoln.

I really enjoyed working with Stephen on my full-length screenplay.  He listened to what I wanted the story to be, then helped me figure out a way to make that happen.  In a very short turn around, he read the script, gave me copious writtten notes as well as a one on one critique.  As I continue to work on my rewrite, Stephen continues to be the person I call to help me get over the hump.  I like that he encourages me to dramatize the emotional beats of the character's journey in every moment, small or large.
I'm extremely grafeful for his imput.
Carmen Elly Wilkerson - Even Flygirls Get The Blues - Screenwriter & Director

I have been working with Stephen for several years now and first of all I have to say that Stephen's feedback isn't just about pointing out flaws, it's about showing you how to improve as a writer. Since working with Stephen I have gone on to freelance for Disney and have been hired as a writer on America's first-ever Latino sketch comedy show.  Also, because I have been able to churn out such great spec-scripts, I have had countless meetings with many top-executives in Hollywood, which I owe in part to Stephen's notes. Stephen has a lot of passion for this business and my advice is to think of his services as an investment in yourself... I give him 'big props' for helping me mature and succeed as a writer in this crazy, competitive business. In order to succeed in this industry you have to have passion but most importantly your script has to stand out among the thousands and Stephen helps you achieve that. He's simply the best!!
   Jessica Lopez - Kath & Kim, That's So Raven & Cory In da House

After Stephen read my outline, I was all set to have him run his notes by me over the phone, but he said sitting down face-to-face would be more effective.  What?  A writer getting out of her pajamas to meet someone?  I reluctantly agreed, but needed it on my turf, so if I didn't like what he said, I could give him the boot!  Well, it was a great meeting!  Stephen handed me 2 pages of type-written notes about my outline and we went over them point by point.  All his comments were constructive and thoughtful.  His biggest concern was the structure and trying to make sure that the story I wanted to tell was getting communicated through my words.  This was the most important thing to me that made the meeting so good.  After we met, I was armed with new ideas for tackling my story, which always makes a writer happy.     
    Randi Vaughan - Follow Your Art, Latkes and Ladyfingers

Stephen Buehler has an incredibly keen sense for story and character.  His suggestions, from the smallest line change to questions regarding a character's action or scene's ending, assures me that nothing has been overlooked in my screenplays.  I can always trust Stephen to give me thorough, honest, and thought provoking notes.
    Joyce Ikemi - Ty Hanen And The Halloween Curse

Stephen's input on story and plot structure would be an invaluable tool for a writer of any level.  Having known Stephen for years and sought his advice on many occasions, believe me when I say that I cannot recommend his services highly enough.  His table manners and personal grooming are discussions for another time :)
    Colin Garland - Massholes-TV Pilot

Upbeat and passionately incisive.  Stephen's literary analysis possesses that unteachable intangible:he inspires good writing to become great writing .
    Mike Kalvoda - Final Destination: Spring Break   

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