You’ve written a script. 

That’s great and you should be proud of yourself. Eighty percent of the people that start a script, don’t finish.

But is it good enough to send out, to compete against all of the other scripts floating around Hollywood?  Chances are, not yet.

What now?  

I believe too many people have written, tweaked and attempted to polish their first draft over and over again.  They need to dig deeper, find the real story they want to tell, go further in their storytelling techniques – finesse dialogue, make characters real, not two-dimensional TV characters, show theme in every scene.  It’s all inside you and sometimes you need help to dig to those depths.  You need to REWRITE that script to make it the best damn script before showing it to the right people.  Where do you turn?

Or maybe you’ve written a bunch of scripts and had some success but you’re looking to bring it up a level, make those past nibbles of your scripts into big bites. 

You’re ready to make hard decisions about what you’ve written but want help in raising your bar of excellence. 

I’m that person. 

You’ve written a TV script and want to win a competition, contest or it’s staffing season and your script has to sizzle, rise above the rest of the competition and you need some quick help. 

I’m that person.

I’m Stephen Buehler – the ReWrite Doctor. 

No matter how bad your script is, I can make it better.
No matter how good your script is, I can make it better.

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