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Why pick Stephen Buehler over other Consultants?
Please see WHY ME web page. 

Who reads my script?
I do.  Only me.  I don’t farm out your script.  You get my full, knowledgeable attention.

What’s the difference between COVERAGE and ANALYSIS? 
My coverage is the same as if it would be submitted to an Agency, Production Company or Studio.  It’s a concise overview of your script and whether that particular company would Pass, Consider or Recommend.  The notes/analysis are geared towards such a company and is not greatly detailed for improvements.  It also will contain 8 gradings of characterization, dialogue etc.  The one to two page of notes are usually based on a one time reading of your script. 

My analysis is much more detailed on at least ten elements of your script, usually 5 - 7 pages long.  Plus there are in-depth suggestions on what’s working, what’s not and how to make it better.  You get notes written directly on the script itself.  My analysis is based on multiple readings of your script. 

Does Consulting Pay Off?
Consider this.  If you were working on a six figure investment, would you invest a couple hundred dollars to make sure you had the best business plan as possible to ensure that your plan paid off?  That’s what a good consultant does.   

What If I don’t Agree With Your Notes?
My notes are derived from my many years of giving notes and seeing scripts greatly improve to the point that people have gotten jobs and meetings.  But there’s no scientific way to analysis your script, it’s more of an artform, a skill.  When it’s a skill, there can be differences of opinion.  Also, there’s always more than one way to study a script.  I take time with your script to make sure that I have fully looked at helping you improve it from many different angles.  Ultimately, you are the writer, the final decisions of what goes into your script is up to you.

How Valuable Is Paying for the One Hour One-on-One Session?
It’s invaluable.  Here’s your chance to directly ask those questions you have from my analysis.  Get immediate feedback.  Plus it gives us a chance to brainstorm on your screenplay with your direct input.  I’ve found this give and take usually brings the process up to another level.

Why Are Stephen Buehler’s prices so reasonable?
I want your business.  There’s a lot of competition out there.  BUT my prices won’t always be this reasonable.  I’m hoping to raise them soon, so take advantage now.

Why Is Stephen Buehler So Committed?
My passion is writing and writers.  I want to share my considerable knowledge.  I want to see great films out there and I want good writers to succeed.  This is what I do.

How To Submit?
You can submit two ways. 

  1. By mail.  Send your script, release form and check to the following address:  Stephen Buehler – The RewriteDr. 4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd.#506, Valley Village, CA 91607
  2. By e-mail: to  Also include the signed release form and send the check by mail or through PAYPAL.  Submit in FinalDraft, PDF or Abode.

You can pay with a check, caisher’s check or using PayPal. Work will NOT begin until the money has cleared.

All submissions must include a signed RELEASE FORM.

Why Do I Need A Release Form?
I work on hundreds of scripts.  It’s very likely I may be working on something similar to your script. This Release Form protects both of us.

Are Your Services Confidential?
Yes.  Absolutely. 

What Do I Do After I Get Your Analysis Back?
Once you get my notes, read them, then take some time to digest them.  If you’re too close to your work it’s harder to see how any notes or suggestions may apply.  The time away will give you the distance to look at your script again, with fresh eyes and a new outlook with my notes.  There could be some points we won’t see eye to eye on.  But on most Purchase Plans, I’m also giving unlimited follow-up e-mails, so you can use those to continue any dialogue on unclear points.



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